Africa Movie Academy Awards

and The Stories never End

Submission Rules

  • African Diaspora Short
  • African Diaspora Feature
  • African Diaspora Documentary
  • African Short Films
  • African Animations
  • African Documentary Films
  • African Feature Films
  • Read the Submission Rules
  • Enter your Film
  • Print Copies of the Submission
  • Send your Film
  • Notify Us you Sent your Film


1. only films produced and or released for public viewing between May 2014 and December 2014 will be accepted for the 2015 Awards. The actual release date must be indicated on the entry form and the year of copyright must be indicated on the film.

2. the academy will only accept a director’s cut of not more than 120 minutes. Premiere and market copies that are submitted should not be more than 120 minutes long.

3. all entries must be apprioprately water marked and it should be done in such a way that it will not impair viewing during the screening process

4. beyond credits, no film submitted must contain any commercials or materials that have no relevance to the film. Any film found to contain any form of advertorial shall automatically be disqualified

5. the Academy would not accept entries that are inconclusive

6. all films produced in languages other than English must be fully subtitled. These would include aesthetic devices such as songs, proverbs, chants, pidgin/vernacular words and expressions

7. all films in pidgin must be fully subtitled in English

8. filmmakers must ensure that the copy of the film/dvd submitted is of good picture and audio quality. Any film found to be sub-standard in any of these areas would automatically be disqualified. Clarity of picture is of essence

9. if the filmmaker or practitioner entering the film is not the copyright owner, he/she must submit a letter of consent to enter the film from the copyright owner

10. entries can also be done online by completing the application form at

5 3 dvd’s of the film must reach AMAA together with a signed copy of the online submission form by 30 January 2015. Submissions received after the above deadline will not be considered. In addition, filmmakers submitting entries are advised not to use paper labels on dvd’s as they sometimes prevent dvd’s from playing

11. all shipping costs of the submitted materials must be borne by the sender and please note that submitted materials will not be returned to the sender.

12. AMAA reserves the right to transfer submissions to a master hard drive digital library as it is hoping to build a permanent AMAA digital library, however AMAA will not theatrically or otherwise screen for commercial purposes any film without the express written consent of the appropriate right holder(s)

13. AMAA reserves the right to use 3-5 minutes extract of the submitted films for promotional purposes

14. those submitting entries must ensure that they completely fill out the space provided for synopsis and for such details as cast and crew list, duration of film, country of production, original language of production, date of completion of production and date of release of film (s) etc.

15. the decision of the AMAA College of Screeners as concerns entries and the decision of the jury shall be final

16. AMAA will send an official acceptance email acknowledging receipt of the entry and will send nomination email prior to the awards advising on further requirements and next steps

17. the nominees for each category will be announced during the AMAA nomination event, which is held prior to the award

18. all those sending in entries must note that:

a. as a submitter, he/she has the authority and capacity to submit the film and materials to AMAA
b. that AMAA shall not be held liable or responsible in any manner whatsover for any loss or damage of whatsoever type or nature incurred as a result of the submission of the films and materials

19. however upon acceptance of the entry, AMAA undertakes to take all possible precautions and will securely store all associated copyright materials